Bogor Botanical Garden

Bogor Botanical Garden

Bogor Botanical Gardens Favorite Place

It turns out that there are still a lot of people who have never been to the Bogor Botanical Gardens. There are still those who think that the atmosphere of the Bogor Botanical Gardens is a place that is only small in size. Whereas the area of ​​the Bogor Botanical Gardens reaches 87 hectares. Can you imagine how many plants or trees are planted there? It turns out that there are 15,000 species of plants and trees in the Bogor Botanical Gardens. Entering the Bogor Botanical Gardens is not just a tour, but there are places such as the Orchid Glass House, Garden Resto, Zoological Museum and so on. It doesn’t stop there if there are good spots that you should visit like. Bogor Botanical Gardens Favorite Place.

Teijsman Park

Biggestmuscle – Teijsman Park has existed since 1884. The park was built by DR. Melchior Treub for Johannes Elias Teijsmann. Because Johannes Elias Teijsmann has contributed to the development of the Bogor Botanical Gardens. When you enter Teijsman Park, you will see a European-style garden. If you see a monument that stands upright, it is close to Teijsman Park. The monument that stands is not an ordinary monument, but is made of granite which was specially imported from Berlin, Germany.

2. Soedjana Kassan Park

Sudjana Kassan Park has been around for a long time since 1985 to be exact on May 18. This park was created to pay tribute to Sudjana Kassan. Because Sudjana Kassan is a curator at the Bogor Botanical Gardens which has existed from 1949 to 1959. Near Sudjana Kassan Park there is a statue of Sudjana Kassan and in the middle of the park there is a symbol of the Garuda Pancasila Bird, which of the two symbols are facing each other straight with a fountain pool. .

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3. Orchidarium Garden

Orchidarium garden is a garden that contains orchid plants. This place is usually used as a place of research or development of orchid plants.

Medicine Garden

It turns out that it is not just an ordinary garden, but the Bogor Botanical Gardens has a medicinal garden in which there are 400 types of medicinal plants. Besides you travel, you will increase knowledge in it.

Nepenthes Park

Nepenthes is known as the Semar Bag. The Nepenthes plant is almost threatened with extinction, so it was taken to the Bogor Botanical Gardens to return to its habitat. Nepenthes gardens do live in open, moist and little nutrient areas. It’s really suitable to be placed in the Bogor Botanical Gardens.

Mexican Park

Entering the Mexican Garden you will see many cactus plants. Inside the Mexican Park does contain plants that live in dry climates. There are more than 100 types of plants that exist in Mexican Gardens, such as Agave, Cactus, Yucca. Several types of plants are imported from South and Central America.

When you visit the Bogor Botanical Gardens, you will not only see a beautiful garden atmosphere. But you will add insight, it would be even better if you bring your child into the Bogor Botanical Gardens. So that your child’s knowledge is not limited. In the Bogor Botanical Gardens there is a lot of interesting history to know. With affordable ticket prices, you are guaranteed to be very satisfied if you enter it. In addition to increasing your knowledge, you will also get interesting photo spots. Because various places in the Bogor Botanical Gardens have each destination, of course, you will not only get 1 photo. So what are you waiting for, don’t hesitate to visit the Bogor Botanical Gardens.