Impera link little pharaoh

Impera link little pharaoh

Impera link little pharaoh

Today we will meet the great and great king of Egypt. The king who ruled Egypt with all the power that the pharaohs had. In impera link little pharaoh who rules egypt is the little pharaoh king. Even though he was young, the pharaoh was still strong and knew how to organize an Egyptian city. The presence of this unique game makes many gamers wonder how great is the game with the little king?

The answer that is found is that the little king will give gifts of many valuable objects that are in Egypt. Not only valuable objects but also provide big jackpots that will make you unable to close your eyes. Beta is a great value that will be given by the king of the pharaohs so you do not misjudge because of his small body.

Solve puzzles

Biggestmuscle – Small – small but capable of having the power to lead. Also has a very important secret place for the little king. Because in that place you will get an unexpected treasure from the little king. To be able to find the king’s secret place you must be able to solve the puzzles in the game impera link little pharaoh.

Solve puzzles and win as many Egyptian treasures as possible. The form of the puzzle that gamers must find is 5 reels x 3 rows in the game. Each puzzle that is successfully solved will pay the gamer as much as 5 fees that will be obtained for you. Looks a little but do you know if the value you will get is very large. So you don’t need to feel that the value is small.

The presence of the jackpot in the little pharaoh game

Combining little pharaoh with impera link brings many unexpected advantages. Not only the value of the symbols that gamers will get but you will also get from the impera link jackpot. The form of the impera link jackpot is in the form of blue tone koi and other colors. The coins have different values ​​and different jackpot names and colors. So you will easily win without having a long process.

keep treasure in secret room//little

There are five impera link jackpots that can give you wins and coins. Of the five jackpots will give different values ​​so you have to know what value gamers should get. When you start playing the game you will find some information about the jackpot that you must get from impera link little pharaoh.

Chance to win

Get a bigger jackpot value than what is written in the impera link little pharaoh game. Jackpots available in the game are mini, grand, impera logo, major, minor. In order for the jackpot to be active, gamers must present 6 coins or more on the game screen in any position. The activation of the jackpot gives gamers the opportunity to get a win.

The screen that has been filled with the jackpot will immediately add the value of the coins to gamers. In this case, the screen that is not full can also provide value as long as the free spins from the jackpot have not run out. 3 free spins from 1 coin. The more coins you get, the more opportunities to spin the reels.

In addition to the jackpot, there are also game symbols that can provide value for gamers. The wild symbol is a sign that can replace all symbols except the scatter. The wild form is an image of a pyramid building. The presence of the pyramid building is on reels 2, 3, and 4. The scatter is the eye symbol of the god Horus. The eye of Horus has 2 colors in which the two colors have different presences. For Horus green eyes are at 1, 3, and 5 while red eyes are present in any position.