Riches Ahoy slot game developed by Novomatic. A game that invites us to have fun while playing. Game riches ahoy will provide many interesting experiences that we can play in the game. Playing with real money is certainly very fun and can be liquidated immediately. Riches Ahoy game can also be played with other game modes such as game demos.

A game that does not use the original bet money. Playing game demo will let gamers know how to play riches ahoy game. Can know the ways and steps that must be taken to get the winning value. The game demo will also tell you how much value you will get when you win.

Unique symbols

Biggestmuscle – Playing riches ahoy game will lead you to unexpected victory. Various symbols will be ready to give free spins and unexpected double values. The chances of winning are high enough that gamers can play Riches Ahoy easily. The form of 5 reels with unique symbols is ready to give you an unexpected surprise.

Get 20 types of payouts in riches ahoy game. In the game Riches Ahoy has a unique symbol shape. The uniqueness of this symbol makes many gamers curious so that it becomes a popular game among game lovers and online gambling. 3 signs that become game opening icons are bar, circle and cross writing.

victory chest//Ahoy

Jackpot and game symbols

In addition to getting free spins and double values, gamers will also get an exciting game jackpot, Riches Ahoy. The 3 jackpots that are ready to enliven this game are silver, copper and gold. As we know, each symbol has a different value. With this value will bring gamers to the level of victory.

 For that gamers must know which symbols give high and low values, such as:

– The number 7 has a number of symbols 3, 4, and 5 will give a value of 40, 200, and 1000 coins. If the gamer gets the number 7, expand or multiply until it is closed, it will be given a value of 20,000 thousand.

– Bars totaling 3, 4, and 5 get 20, 40, and 200 values

– X sign: 3, 4, and 5 have 10, 20, and 100

– The treasure box is a scatter mark. Getting 5 of the same box will bring free spins in the bonus game.

– Wild comes from the image of a clown face. Wild which can replace all symbols except scatter.

Scatter full of surprises

How to get free spins can be said to be easy and difficult. The difficulty is that gamers have to pray for the treasure box to come and give gamers a chance. 5 boxes that gamers must choose so that free spins can be active. It can be said that the system of getting free spins is not like waiting and then being given.

Easy to get free spins. There are 5 boxes which in the box will give gamers free spins. Just select one of the 5 boxes.. Of the 5 free spins, 10, 15, 20, and 25 free spins that gamers can get. The more free spins you get, the closer your chances of winning are.

So count on your luck in choosing the treasure box. If you are lucky, you will get lots of free spins. Even though the game is riches, it’s a game that relies on luck, bro, don’t forget to have fun.